3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life in 2024

Let’s explore 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

So, what does it actually mean to make any given year the best year of your life? Great question! In my opinion, it involves three things; Read about 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life
3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

1. Progress

We are truly making progress towards the things that matter to us. Making efforts to align our growth goals with the things that are really close to us in terms of mental, physical, and spiritual development.

2. Balanced

The second element that ensures that the following year is the best year of our life. We are not sacrificing one area of our lives for impacting growth in another one.

3. Enjoyment

The third and final thing is that while we are well working towards the things that matter to us, we are still managing to enjoy ourselves. That means living the best each day of the year on its own merit, not just as a means to an end.

So how do you apply this to your own life as a plug-and-play option?

The following are three of the top exercises to make these happen for you:

Method 1: Circle of Life – Reflection

As we step into a new year, it’s crucial to reflect on the lessons learned from the previous one. Analyzing successes and failures provides valuable insights that guide our future decisions. This technique involves breaking down life into three fundamental categories: work, health, and relationships. Further, each of these segments is divided into three sub-segments. Within the health category, for instance, we find body, mind, and soul.

Radar Chart & Joy Evaluation

To assess satisfaction and alignment with desired actions, it is recommended to create a radar chart. This visual tool allows individuals to evaluate different aspects of life, including a crucial addition – joy. The ultimate goal is to achieve a perfect 10 out of 10 in all areas, ensuring not just progress but also the enjoyment of the journey.

Goal Setting for Progress

Setting meaningful goals based on current standings and desired positions is emphasized as a crucial step toward progress. Celebrate achievements, focusing on one goal at a time rather than overwhelming themselves with numerous objectives. A tangible example could be a goal of reducing visceral abdominal fat for improved health outcomes.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life
3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

Method 2: Utilize Commission-Free Investment Apps

Introducing the ‘Trading 212’, a commission-free investment app with features that align with the theme of progress and balance. The app allows users to invest in diversified index funds, create custom asset allocations through the “Pies” feature, and now supports multicurrency accounts – a boon for investing in the US Stock Market without incurring foreign exchange fees.

While seemingly unrelated to personal development, the inclusion of Trading 212 serves as a reminder that financial health is an integral part of a balanced and successful life. Making informed investment decisions can contribute to overall well-being and long-term goals.

Method 3: The “Ideal Week” Technique

The “Ideal Week” technique is introduced as a practical method to bring balance and structure into our daily lives. Using a blank Google Calendar, individuals can block off time for essential activities such as waking up, sleeping, and working. The crucial step involves aligning the schedule with personal goals and celebrations for the year. This deliberate allocation of time ensures that important aspects of life are prioritized, and action is taken towards achieving those goals.

Regular Reflection & Adjustment

It is vital that we regularly reflect on goals and make adjustments to the schedule when necessary. Do you know why New Year’s resolutions often fail? It’s because individuals forget the goals they set. To combat this, the recommendation is to write down goals in a document and keep it easily accessible for regular reminders. Understanding the why behind each goal is significant as a powerful motivator to stay focused and committed.

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